US News and World Report: “Winning the black vote in the Democratic primary is the ballgame.”

At a time when many in the media are obsessed with white working-class Trump supporters in diners in the Midwest (and why is it always at a diner?), US News and World Report reporter David Catanese has done the math and correctly concluded that African American voters will be central to the outcome of the Democratic primary. He writes:

[T]he birthday of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. is shaping up to be a defining one for the lot of Democrats seeking to topple President Donald offers a natural window to address racial justice issues and  court support from African-Americans, a community that will be pivotal in a batch of southern state primary contests come next year.

[The Black vote is] "not just the ballgame in South Carolina, it's the ballgame in the  Democratic Party primary," says Bakari Sellers, a former Democratic state legislator in South Carolina.

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