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What Really Happened in 2016: Math, Not Myths

By Steve Phillips - Preface to 2nd Edition, Brown Is the New White

In trying to make sense of the 2016 election outcome, many people are buying into a myth about what happened, and they are ignoring the underlying math that explains what really happened.  The six charts in this Appendix illustrate - with facts, not fantasy - why Democrats lost the election.  They did not lose because huge numbers of Obama voters defected to Trump (as the myth would have it).  They lost because many African Americans did not vote at all and because large numbers of Obama voters defected to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein (what I call the "Johnstein voters.”).  What the data shows is that the path back to power requires re-inspiring Black voters and re-engaging the progressives who drifted to third and fourth parties.

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